A 12-week transformational journey for professional women ready to move out of hustle, overwhelm and burnout and into ease, flow and balance…


Let me guess… you’re a high achiever who has given up a lot to reach your current level of success. Now that you're there, at the top of the proverbial mountain you've been climbing your entire career, you're feeling unfulfilled. You know you have more to give and you have a strong desire to do something different but no idea where to start. You don't want to give it all up but you also know something has to change because, while everything looks great to the outside world, you are dying inside because you know in your heart of hearts that you are meant for more.


You got the degree. You got the “good job”. You played by the rules and made personal sacrifices to get the promotions. You did everything right but now you find yourself wondering… is this it? Surely there has to be something better than this?

Work has taken over your life. You are always busy… either managing the next big project or putting out the latest fire that never seems to get extinguished. You’re overwhelmed and exhausted and you KNOW that something’s gotta change because this is NOT WORKING.

You’re ready to take control and make a change because you know that you deserve to have a career that lights your heart on fire; a career that makes you feel deeply fulfilled, appreciated, and is in alignment with your values; a career that pays your desired salary and supports the glorious life you were meant to live.


  • You are doing meaningful and purposeful work that aligns with your values.

  • You are in a role that offers opportunities for personal growth and development.

  • You have achieved a healthy work/life balance

  • You are working in an environment where your skills and achievements are valued and rewarded.

  •  You work for a company that provides a supportive and inclusive work culture.

Sounds GLORIOUS doesn’t it?

That's why I created...

A 12-week transformational group coaching program designed for ambitious professional women who are ready to stop hustling and start thriving. With the accountability of a peer group and guidance from an experienced coach, you'll gain the clarity, skills and confidence to advance your career on your own terms and experience true career bliss.


  • First, we focus on getting crystal clear on EXACTLY what your dream career looks like… so you can FINALLY achieve career fulfillment.

  • Next, we work with you to build your mindset. Your success depends on transforming the way you think.

Then we give you all the tools and strategies you’ll need to succeed in landing your dream job and achieving career bliss. This includes:

  • Personal Branding.

    We help you build your personal brand based on what you specifically want to be known for.

  • LinkedIn Best Practices.

    Optimizing your profile and understanding how LinkedIn is more than just a tool you use when looking for a job

  • Building Authority.

    Becoming the “go-to” expert in your field

  • Networking Best Practices.

    How to build and leverage your network to get in front of any stakeholder you desire

  • Interviewing Best Practices.

    This includes Practice Labs with real life recruiters who will give you direct feedback on your interviewing skills

  • Salary Negotiations.

    This includes Practice Labs so you will feel confident that you are never leaving money on the table and that your total compensation is something you feel great about

Here’s what some of our clients have to say...

"I find it hard to put into words just how much Lisa McPhee has transformed my life. It has truly been an epic 360 degree transformation. I went from feeling like I didn't have control of my time, to deciding that I'm in control of my schedule and time... to overcoming my fear of leaving my secure job ... to following my dream and being a confident CEO of both my life and my business. I feel a fire in my life that I haven't felt in so long and I know that I've connected to my true purpose."

Tara F.

"After 1.5 years in my new role, I am still loving it and I owe that to Lisa. Still one of the best choices I made. I grew so much.

Working with her was a true gift.”

Els V.

“Lisa’s career coaching helped me navigate what it takes to find a new job in this new digital age, and having the mindset to achieve what we know we want and deserve. You can try to do this yourself, but it helps to have a force of women pushing each other to reach our potential. It helps to have a coach that keeps you accountable for your growth and continues to help you have the mindset you need to keep you on track. And finally, we spend money on everything but ourselves and our career growth. Invest in yourself every now and then, it will teach you steps to land your next career, but it will also teach you how to navigate life in general with a positive outlook.”

Giselle B.

“Working with Lisa brought clarity to many of the obstacles and barriers I had created for myself that kept me from obtaining my goals. I cannot express enough the gratitude I have towards the welcoming and safe space Lisa created. It was empowering to be surrounded by such amazing women who are working towards their goals to bring their dreams into reality. Lisa challenged my own limiting beliefs and helped me create new ones that better serve me and the future I want. I was not only left with gratitude but a clear action plan to reach my goals and maintain accountability along the way. I’m excited to finally focus on myself.”

Mariiah B.

"After my first coaching session with Lisa I already found myself switching my mindset from a place of doubt to a place of confidence and excitement! Lisa is highly knowledgeable, she is motivating, honest and very supportive. Working with her helped me negotiate my first six figure salary! I am so grateful for her guidance and support on my career journey."

Shaundell F.

"Working with Lisa was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. Lisa’s caring yet practical approach guided me to better define my own career goals and values, understand how to network for a job, create a resume that gets attention, and interview strategically. Within days of completing her program, I was granted an interview for a position that I am truly excited about. The best part is that my entire approach has changed. I am preparing for a second interview with the confidence that if this position does not meet my values and expectations, another opportunity will. I highly recommend Lisa McPhee to anyone who is looking for the tools and strategies to find a fulfilling, meaningful career.”

Juliette M.

“When I started working with Lisa, I was very negative about my career possibilities. I had been using the same resume for a while, and my LinkedIn page really needed help. Lisa soon got me turned around and helped me realize that I could do amazing things, such as finding my dream job! Lisa provided me with the tools to change my mindset and launch myself into the next stage. I highly recommend her program— it will change your life, for the better!!”

Marian H.

An All-Inclusive Program. Not a course.

Here’s what’s inside the Career Bliss Academy


Weekly training modules that you can watch on the membership site anytime that works with your schedule.


Weekly Live Q&A calls with Lisa where everyone has an opportunity to ask questions and get laser coaching. Clients often say this is the best part of their week because it’s an opportunity to feel supported by an entire group of awesome women who are all on a similar journey.


We have live audit workshops led by our expert coaches in all areas - personal branding, your Linkedin profile, interviewing role-playing and salary negotiation role playing.


Check-in with Lisa monthly and discuss your progress and needs while receiving expert coaching.


We bring you top leaders in all areas to help you with your career - including monthly mindset coaching.


You'll fall in love with our community.  The support you need to succeed is everywhere inside the Academy.

**Lifetime access to all of the training materials**

Career Bliss Academy is right for you if…

  • You are a professional woman with a tenured career

  • You are an action taker who isn’t afraid of putting in the work to make your dreams come true

  • You have a big vision and you know you are meant for great things

  • You are ready to take your success to the next level 

  • You are ready to prioritize yourself, your family, and your health

  • You are done with having to make trade-offs between your career and your personal life

  • You are no longer available for anything less than a deeply rewarding and fulfilling career


You've got options:

Pay in Full


  • Access to all modules

  • Weekly live group coaching calls with Lisa

  • Live audit workshops

  • Monthly Networking Calls

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching with Lisa

  • Guest Experts and Monthly Mindset Calls

  • Supportive and dynamic community


Save 15% when you pay in full

3 Payments


  • Access to all modules

  • Weekly live group coaching calls with Lisa

  • Live audit workshops

  • Monthly Networking Calls

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching with Lisa

  • Guest Experts and Monthly Mindset Calls

  • Supportive and dynamic community


Save 5% with the 3 month option

6 Payments


  • Access to all modules

  • Weekly live group coaching calls with Lisa

  • Live audit workshops

  • Monthly Networking Calls

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching with Lisa

  • Guest Experts and Monthly Mindset Calls

  • Supportive and dynamic community


Most Flexible

I’m Lisa McPhee👋🏼

Former Management Consultant turned Career and Confidence Coach for Professional Women.

Let me tell you a bit about my career journey…

  • I spent 20+ years in the corporate world climbing the proverbial “corporate ladder” I worked my way up that ladder all the way up to the top, leading the People Supply Chain for an entire country for one of the world’s largest global consulting companies.

  • In my corporate roles, I’ve helped hundreds of women build confidence in themselves and move into deeply fulfilling and rewarding careers that they love.

  • At 49 years old, I left my successful corporate career to start my own company and focus solely on what I do best; helping women build confidence in themselves so they unapologetically own their genius and transition into their dream career.

  • I now coach the most amazing women in the world and I get to witness their life changing transformations. I can say with 100% confidence that I have THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD.

  • In this process, I have experienced my own transformation and, at 51 years old, I met the love of my life and now I not only have the best job in the world, but also a truly phenomenal family life.

  • I know this is possible for you because I’ve not only created it for myself, but for hundreds of women just like you!


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